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hermione The idea for the home originated as a result of a mid 1950's fire in downtown Nassau. when Lady Hermoine Ranfurly, wife of the then Governor General, the Earl of Ranfurly during the aftermath and cleanup, discovered a group of homeless children sleeping in cardboard boxes in buildings and alleys near the burnt buildings..

She used her local and international contacts and together with the Queen Mary's Sewing Guild, began galvanizing worldwide support for the creation of the home. Help came from as far away as London-based merchants to as close as a group of Bahamian workers on the Out Islands who pooled their limited resources, sending in eighty pounds to help change the lives of Ranfurly's first residents. Just six months after securing a spacious property on Mackey St. with room for children to play under the shade of Poinciana and sapodilla trees, the patrons and caregivers at Ranfurly welcomed the first residents into their full time care.

In 1997, the home that came into being as a result of a tragic fire was nearly destroyed by fire. Patrons and board members had to once again turn to the community for support in rebuilding the boys' dormitory.

The home now has the capacity to accommodate more than 45 children who range in age from 5 to 20 and is equipped with three dormitories, a study room, living room, a computer/library center and a kitchen and dining facility.

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