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Damien Davies

Damien Davis is not shy about where he grew up. “Ranfurly Home for Children,” he says, with as much pride in his voice as if he were pronouncing the name of a royal palace.

“It was the only home I ever knew unless you count the Children’s Emergency Hostel before that and I am eternally grateful because without Ranfurly, I don’t know what would have become of me.”

What did become of Davis, now 28, is the kind of success story that inspires others who, like him, for one reason or another had no home to call their own. In Davis’ case, his mother gave birth when she was very young and the Department of Social Services placed the newborn in a safe home.

At the Hostel, but mostly at Ranfurly where his memories of his early life are more vivid, he grew up surrounded by love and even a music teacher. “I always had food to eat and clothes to wear to school,” he said. “I will always, always be grateful.”

Today, a manager at Dolphin Cay at Atlantis supervising a crew of nearly 30, Davis returns to Ranfurly often to teach piano to others who call the orphanage on Mackey Street home. And it was there that a representative of Bank of The Bahamas heard him early one Sunday morning and learned of the song he had written to raise money for Ranfurly and the Children’s Emergency Hostel.

Today, the bank that is recognized for its commitment to community publicly released the CD of that song, Love That Child. Production of the single from concept to completion took nearly a year and involved numerous voices, including members of the National Children’s Choir as well as professional performances. Instrumentation and mixing was done by Neil Symonette, Reel Time Studios in Nassau. Davis sings the lead.

“I think everyone at Bank of The Bahamas who has been involved in this project has been touched by it,” said BOB Managing Director Paul McWeeney.

“For the Bank, this represents a departure in style, but not in substance. We believe that a bank, like any good corporate citizen, has a serious responsibility to answer the needs of the community and to make a difference where it can. We hope this makes a difference for other young people who will look at Damien and see that no matter where they call home a meaningful future lies ahead.”

Source: Diane Phillips and Associates

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